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No.602, jalan sang kancil satu,
88300 Kota Kinabalu.
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CJ Liew & Co is a full-service law firm with a distinct focus on providing solutions in the area of compliance and conciliation, as well as corporate, conveyancing and cross-border transactions. (“The 5-Cs Practice.”)



Our mission is to deliver excellent, balanced and business-practical services to our clients. We aim to do so through a combination of our long history as a firm, the broad international corporate practice experience of our Managing Partner, and our steadfast adherence to our Core Values.



The firm was founded in 2000 by Datuk Christina Liew in Kota Kinabalu, the capital city of Sabah which is located in the eastern shores of Malaysia. The firm began life as a practice providing commercial advisory and dispute resolution services to both local and international clients.



Under the stewardship of its new Managing Partner, Josephine Hadikusumo, CJ LIEW & CO is committed to its tradition of providing quality legal services while expanding its knowledge sharing network beyond Malaysia. In addition to the 5-Cs* Practice which remains its principal focus, the firm is currently well positioned to contribute to the global developments of dispute resolution laws and trends through Ms. Hadikusumo’s continued engagement in various local and international platforms.

*Compliance, conciliation, corporate, conveyancing and cross-border transactions.




CJ Liew & Co was founded in August 2000 by Datuk Christina Liew and was helmed…



Josephine Hadikusumo is a lawyer, speaker and a mediator with broad range of legal experience gleaned…


These five pillars of our Core Values serve an important function to guide and inform how we practice and what we stand for.

Our values, illustrated in our logo, form the foundation of our identity as a firm, and serve as a template for the specific goals by which we measure our performance. They also help our clients understand who we are.



We abide by the ethical and legal standards set by regulatory bodies both local and international, and we adopt a no-compromise approach when it comes to practicing with honour.



We continually develop and expand on our core competencies so that clients can be assured of the highest professional quality in the delivery of services.



Where there are areas of synergy, we welcome opportunities to work with different organizations or firms both in the local and the international area with the aim of maximizing efficiency and results.



We initiate, develop or participate in programs that contribute to knowledge-sharing within the legal fraternity and beyond. We seek out opportunities to teach on specific legal topics and to advocate for important causes so as to add value to the community.



We engage on various developments in the law beyond Malaysia through a thoughtful selection of international networks, while carefully maintaining a “single client” culture in our practice.

Our metrics for growth are not determined by size or volume, but by the impact and quality of our contributions. Our Core Values underscore our commitment to growing a practice that adds value to our clients and to the community at large.

The firm’s philosophy and mission rests upon the five pillars of our core values represented in the CJ Liew & Co logo.

The five-pillared structure which looks similar to a simple line drawing of a courthouse symbolises our respect for the pursuit of justice within a court system. It is placed within a perfect circle which represents a mediator’s round table where we believe most conflicts ought to be resolved wherever possible. A front-facing perspective of the logo alludes to a shelf of books, to illustrate our conviction in continuous scholarship and training.


We provide personalized, bespoke solutions to our clients in the following areas:

* Corporate commercial exercises (listing, mergers and acquisitions, restructuring, privatisations)
* Joint ventures and investments
* Cross-border transactions
* Conveyancing and Construction
* Land and Property
* Receivership and Winding up
* Dispute Resolution
* Data protection and privacy
* Employment
* Corporate Compliance


At CJ Liew & Co, we believe strongly in giving back to the community.

Our community development initiatives are delivered independently and also in collaboration with other organizations as appropriate. They include teaching and awareness trainings, advocacy for specific causes, and the provision of legal or mediation services on a pro-bono or low-bono basis. To this end, our team is committed to delivering a minimum of 300 hours a year of pro-bono and low-bono services.


One of our newest initiatives is the Mobile Mediation Project. We are excited to partner with the Asia Mediation Centre and the courts to improve access to justice for rural or disadvantaged communities living in the interior zones of Sabah.

These communities often lack the means to resolve their disputes either due to the cost of doing so, a lack of awareness, or the barriers presented by poor infrastructure and connectivity. In order to overcome these factors, the Mobile Mediation Project seeks to bring the instruments and expertise for dispute resolution to the doorstep of these communities.

Our Mobile Mediation Unit, which is an arm of the Mobile Mediation Project, brings accredited mediators into designated areas for the purpose of facilitating resolution of these disputes. All sessions can be conducted in the local language as required and any settlement agreements arising from these sessions are recorded and stamped as consent judgments by the courts.


As a small firm, we aim to cultivate a culture of agility and resilience which are essential qualities to help us flex with our clients’ needs.

The commercial world in which our clients operate is a constantly evolving landscape marked by changes in legal and compliance regulations and growing technological innovation. We believe our clients are best served when their counsel is proficient in change-management and adept in finessing the balance between preventive and facilitative law.

To stay relevant and ahead of the curve on emerging legal products, regulations and trends, we have been fortunate to have a seat at the table in international forums where new developments take shape. Ms. Josephine Hadikusumo sits on the board of the Singapore International Mediation Institute and has been a Working Group member tasked with the development of the rules and infrastructure related to mediation in Singapore. She has also attended as a delegate to the United Nations Convention of International Trade Working Group II on dispute settlement both in Vienna and New York. The outcome of these negotiations led to the United Nations Convention on International Settlement Agreements Resulting from Mediation (“the Singapore Convention”) signed on 7 August 2019. As a speaker and trainer, she has worked in collaboration with many experts to develop effective dispute resolution mechanisms in multiple jurisdictions in Asia, Europe and the Pacific Islands.

We aim to grow and sustain a culture of innovation in our firm so that we can continue to develop new ways to add value to our client in step with the changes in the commercial world.


Tel: +6 (088) 247 452
Fax: +6 (088) 247 453


No. 23, Lorong Seroja 6,
Taman Emas,
88000 Kota Kinabalu,
Sabah, Malaysia.

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